SmartGrowth ​Inc.
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Sales Management Consulting

Companies with solid infrastructure in their Sales department grow more rapidly.  Evaluate and document your sales and marketing processes including a Sales Playbook.

Interim Management

Did you just lose your Sales VP and don’t want to lose traction?  We contract for 3-9 month engagements to fill that person’s role or serve as a part-time sales management when the President of your company wants to move the Sales function off his/her desk and needs an intermediate solution.    


Organizations with the strongest leaders grow more rapidly.  Our coaching helps entrepreneurs, executives and sales staff to internalize the personal leadership skills that helps your organization achieve its business goals.

Plan Development

​Your plan provides a solid foundation to growth.  We can develop and/or facilitate the development of long or short-range business plans, sales plans and marketing plans.


Strategic and team building sessions help your business to align all leaders and staff to meet and exceed planning objectives.   


Corporate Director

Our founder Pam Watson Korbel serves closely held businesses on their board of directors with the goal of infusing growth strategy into all elements of the business.